issey miyake l’eau d’issey pure 香水,
Rauteu Issei”是1992年發布的ISSEY MIYAKE的第一款香水。據說,這款香水以純淨水和淡水的概念創造,從未實現過香水行業的革命。 2016年7月27日星期三,“ROADU ISSEY PURE”為這樣的“LOADUE ISSEY”首次亮相, 在香港也同時推出

Dominic ropion也是2014年宣布的Issey Miyake男士香水“Nyudeu Issei”的調香師之一, 在尊重“L’ou-d’Issey”氣味的同時,他創造了一種與原版相似的清淡而熟悉的香味

它是一種純淨而深沉的香水,可以包裹一切。將動物般的龍涎香與香水製造商Maritima的國際香精香料相結合,以海風的氣味為特色,帶來一種性感但又奇特而輕鬆的氛圍。在百合和橙花之類的白花束之後,錦緞玫瑰和茉莉花的濃密花朵溢出。它只是一滴水,以迷人的香氣完成,沒有壓迫感,讓您感受到第二層肌膚效果. 香水容量是100ml.

“Rauteu Issei” was the first fragrance of ISSEY MIYAKE released in 1992. It is said that the fragrance created with the concept of pure and fresh water that has never been done has brought about revolution in the perfume industry. “ROADU ISSEY PURE” bringing a new breath to such “LOADUE ISSEY” debuts on Wednesday, July 27, 2016.

Dominic ropion who is also one of the perfumers of Issey Miyake’s men’s fragrance “Nyudeu Issei” announced in 2014 was the one who worked on the fragrance. While respecting the scent of “L’ou-d’Issey”, he created a light and familiar scent similar to the original.

It is a pure but deep, fragrance that wraps everything. Combining animal-like Ambergris with patent ingredients Maritima of perfume maker, international flavor & fragrance, which is characterized by odor of sea breeze, it brings a sensual but strange and relaxed atmosphere. Following a white flower bouquet such as lily and orange blossom, dense flowers of damask rose and jasmine overflow. It is just a drop, finished in a fascinating aroma with no sense of oppression that makes you feel the second skin effect.