Youthful. Radiant. Stunning

Came out in 2009, being classified as floral aquatic, D&G 3 L’IMPERATRICE has stolen hearts of many. This amazing perfume gain a lot of attention when it was first revealed. The pink juice in the perfume bottle highlights itself under the glass bottle which is extremely handy and fun to carry around. D&G 3 Anthology L’IMPERATRICE is the best option for all the women in Hongkong.

D&G 3 L’IMPERATRICE is beautiful blend of rhubarb, kiwi and pink pepper. A touch of watermelon with tint of cyclamen flower compliment the fragrance alongside. The perfect blend goes amazing on you. Experience the fine fragrance yourself and wait for this perfume to become your favorite within days.
This perfume is all that you need. It will make you feel powerful. D&G 3 L’IMPERATRICE has a pretty good silage. The uniqueness of its scent is stunning. Works perfectly with your body and gets you feeling fresh and sexy.

Makes you feel loved!

D&G 3 L’IMPERATRICE is the perfume that will get you feeling all happy and hyped. Get your summer in Hongkong even better by using this perfume on you.

The perfume is string and feisty. The sexy touch will definitely turn heads around to notice you. The fruity touch will add the tinge of sexiness that you need. The sweetness is added in D&G 3 L’IMPERATRICE through Rhubarb. You will not get this combination of watermelon, kiwi and lemon tree anywhere else.
Going for a holiday? Pack up the D&G 3 L’IMPERATRICE with you. It will help you collect all the memories and enjoy your time to the fullest. It’s an ideal holiday bottle for you and you cannot deny that. D&G 3 L’IMPERATRICE is light, sweet, fresh and sexy. All good things combined in the best proportions that you will never have enough of. Order right away!

If you are looking for a perfume that goes with your body’s chemistry, D&G 3 L’IMPERATRICE is the one. Purchase it right away! Don’t spend any more time thinking about whether the perfume will go well with you or not. Give it a try. Get your tester bottle today.

Several people have reviewed how D&G 3 L’IMPERATRICE is s killer combo when used with musky florals. It enhances your confidence. This perfume will give you the utter sunshine to go out in the Hongkong world with the most confidence and express yourself to the fullest.

D&G 3 L’IMPERATRICE is exactly the fragrance for you if you are looking for something that will give you the feeling of wearing something extraordinary clean and linear. The flowers, trees, and fruits complement each other in this wonderful perfume.

Even the bottle of D&G 3 L’IMPERATRICE will make you happy. It is a simple rectangular bottle that will get your dressing table to appear all fancy. The bottle is strong and compact, which means you can carry it around without worrying about its breakage. You can also keep it in your bag. Quickly open the bottle cap and splash the perfume on you. A splash of mist that will give you the recharge you need to get even more active and achieve that freshness you are looking for.

The exciting thing to note about D&G 3 L’IMPERATRICE is that it is unisex. Yes, the fragrance can be regarded as girly. But many reviews have been passed out by men that love putting it on before they off to work. The perfect perfume for all the couples out there! Now they can purchase high-quality branded perfume together without having to spend too much.

If you buy this perfume it’s going to be a great investment for couples who want to purchase a good perfume by Dolce and Gabanna. Users are welcome to get their tester bottles so that they are convinced.

The perfume bottle is unique. It is one of a kind since it has its own uniqueness and freshness that cannot be achieved by any other means.

It has a fun fruity scent. The scent is not sharp at all. It will blend in very easily. The fragrance has no equal. The tart and juicy fruitiness go amazingly alongside. The powerful scent will get you radiant and active all day.

The tint of watermelon is the most prominent scent. The niche is basically fruity and fresh as explained earlier. The pleasant smell will make you feel happy and fresh. The summer fragrance will not disappoint you. Perfect for you to start your day with.

The scent is fresh! If you buy this perfume you will not regret putting it on and will surely love to purchase another bottle when the first one is finished.

Main Accords
● Ozonic
● Aquatic
● Fruity
● Sweet

● Watermelon
● Kiwi
● Pink cyclamen
● Musk

A pleasant background of D&G 3 L’IMPERATRICE

In 2009, D&G 3 L’IMPERATRICE revealed five perfumes. D&G 3 L’IMPERATRICE was also a part of their famous collection of D&G Anthology. Two fragrances followed the lead in 2010.
What’s interesting is that the collection that included D&G 3 L’IMPERATRICE was inspired by tarot cards and their marks. Several celebrities advertised this perfume which increased the market of this perfume and gained several followers in Hongkong.
Celebrities that advertised this exciting perfume included, Naomi Campbell, Eva Herzigova, and Caludia Schiffer. Male models were also part of the campaign. Noah Mills, Fernando Fernanes and Tyson Ballou joined the advertising campaign and created hype for D&G 3 L’IMPERATRICE. Supermodels made the campaign even more fun and exciting. This way the perfume gained the attention of several celebrities around the Hollywood and even in Hongkong.

● Less longevity
● Lasts for around 6-8 hours only
● Some people complain about its sharp pungent fruity smell
● The watermelon starts smelling a bit synthetic
● Not suitable for mature people
● Adults don’t primarily prefer using it
● Sometimes smells like a kid’s candy
● Sharp fruity punch

If you buy this perfume, you will gain the benefits of numerous compliments. The floral aquatic fragrance is just what you need to get people to notice you even more than before. The elements of D&G 3 L’IMPERATRICE are perfect for the Hongkong weather.

The notes of D&G 3 L’IMPERATRICE are pretty amazing. D&G has done a pretty good job at this collection. One of the finest perfumes in their collection that had a lot of markets. Available for the people in Hongkong now! If you purchase this perfume you will surely be amazed at this extraordinary scent. The scent will give you the confidence boost. Get you shinning and radiant. It will help you look better by giving you the spark of being all-smiles.

There’s no way you would want to not get your hands on this perfume again. Once the bottle is finished. You would want to get another one. Mark our words! Try it now and gain numerous compliments concerning the aquatic floral scent of D&G 3 L’IMPERATRICE.

If you buy this perfume, there is no doubt in you rushing to us to get another bottle. The fruitiness combined just perfectly with the sweetness will make your day. It will get you feeling happy. Even the people around you would enjoy the fresh scent on you. A happy fragrance is all you need to get you going, so why wait? Don’t wait any longer to decide which scent you should buy. D&G 3 L’IMPERATRICE is the scent for you. Try it to believe it. Get instant delivery to your doorstep. Stay in touch with your delivery by getting constant updates by our team.

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